Haiku Shuukan #4, Dreamcatcher

hung above my bed
dreamcatcher weaves
poems from my sleep

beads and feathers
bind my night visits
through oniric lands

each drop of dream dew
like honey flows
back to me in melody

let the nightmares lie
they rarely inspire
beauty in verse

I particularly liked this Shuukan … I’m a vivid dreamer and of course I have a dream-catcher hanging in my room, which is part of a mobile windchime!

Workspace in my den

Inspired by Carpe Diem Shuukan – Dreamcatcher

12 thoughts on “Haiku Shuukan #4, Dreamcatcher

  1. You’ve made it a best series, I guess. It has all the info what a dreamcatcher is and do. btw I’m a dreamer too, only half an hour sleep can put me in dreamland 😀


    • I know what you mean! It can happen even if I fall asleep reading in my easy chair :-/ but it can be cool…as for dreamcatchers, actually I made most of that stuff up…in fact if I remember correctly dreamcatchers are only for children and they’re to keep nightmares away.


  2. Have a lot of dreamcatchers, but they’re still packed up. I get them mixed up with Mandellas though. I have a huge one of those. By the way, I can’t tell even if I zoom into the picture, but is that a real dog in the bottom left window frame?


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