Light and Dark

Writing odes to spring
With sadness in his heart
He gently places flowers
Upon her new dug grave

They’d walked together often
For many a year in love
And wooed each other still
With a passion never dimmed

He knows just how life works
He doesn’t protest or whine
And keeps composing poems
As though she were still alive

She made him promise solemnly
That he’d keep on with his daily life,
She said that she would wait for him …
(Neither believed in the after-life)

As sun shone on the tombstones
They glistened like bits of diamonds
The flowers perfumed the air at morn
The birds sang in the bowers

He wrote to her in verse
He wrote to her of love
And composed his finest poems
As He looked upon a darkened spring

Loving odes to spring
With sadness in his heart

Light and Dark Prompt – Pooky’s Poems

This is an experimental form … the bold type should make sense if read as a short verse.  I’ve placed it in the category of a Kyrielle Sonnet, though it really isn’t because I didn’t want  to create a new category.

This poem is based on a story of a loving couple I once knew … he isn’t a poet, except in his heart, but he still places flowers almost daily on her grave though many years have passed.

4 thoughts on “Light and Dark

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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