Acrostic – Khamseen

When spring comes to the Sahara
Ifrit in spirals fly through the sky
Nothing can be seen, when gritty sand flys
Dimming the sun itself …

When did the devils reach Europe
Ignoring the traditions of time
Now will we too have the Khamseen,
Driving us into our homes?

Wandering from it’s ancient home
Insistently blowing for days
Northern lands rocked by it’s might
Desert breeze visits our land.

Inspired by the acrostic about rain written by julesgemstonepages I wrote about our wind which has been blowing since Friday.


9 thoughts on “Acrostic – Khamseen

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    • I’m honored for the link. The whirlygig like funnels of wind are often called sand devils so that’s where ifrit came from. Thanks for linking the list of winds from the Wikipedia!


    • 🙂 I learnt about it when I lived in Ethiopia and it accompanied my springs for years living in North and North-East Africa. 🙂 And a “cin-cin” to Jules!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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