Strawberries – Fun Poem May 16, 2014

With or without sugar
In a salad or in desserts
I love to eat fresh strawberries
As soon as they are found.

I’ve tried so many recipes:
Like one for a creamy pink risotto,
I’ve eaten them with mozzarella
With  balsamic vinegar as well …

I love them on my shortcakes
Topped off with white whipped cream
I love then in summer fresh crostata
Glazed with sweet aspic gelatine …

On my cereal for breakfast …
As a jam that covers toast
There’s just no fruit like strawberries
To brighten even the darkest morn.

Now I find that this noble fruit appeared
To reunite the world’s first lovers,
When sorely they had quarrelled …
First woman left first man in anger
Vowing never to return …
Creator’s sweet fresh strawberries
Which he put upon her path,
Enchanting her … she forgot her huff
So pleased was she with the lovely fruit
She wanted to find first man at once!
And so this lovely bright red fruit …
Brought her back home to love.

Just a kind of Whinny the Pooh thinking poem until I can come up with a fairy tale about strawberries, which is today’s prompt on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie by Anja

14 thoughts on “Strawberries – Fun Poem May 16, 2014

  1. Now you’ve gone and made me hungry!! *smile* This is lovely and charming and has so many layers/angles… And most importantly, so many strawberries! Have you tried them in a regular mixed salad with feta cheese?


    • No…never with feta cheese, now that for some reason never occured to me. I usually have my feta salads with olives…I’ll have to give it a whirl.


  2. That was great dear Bastet… The last stanza is beautiful and it sounds like a mythological story…

    I liked the way you are able to mix petry and porse in such a good way… Interesting blend, my friend.

    I love strawberries too, Best wishes and happy sunday,

    Aquileana 😛


    • I’m glad you liked this little poem and how you found mythology in the last line. I like the idea of petry and porse! I think that having spoken Italian for so long has influenced my English because it’s become so much easier to write poetry than it ever was in my youth. Who knows but I do tend to blend prose and poetry together.

      Thanks for your feedback, given me something to think about!
      Bastet 🙂


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