Tan Renga – May 16, 2014

Tan Renga Challenge

Tan Renga Challenge

This week’s Tan Renga at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai begins with Managua Gunn‘s haiku response to the Raven prompt:

let the ravens come
let them smile as they pick the flesh
from the battlefield
© Managua Gunn 

illusive dreams of glory
paint the fields red with poppys
© G.s.k.

N.B. In Italy the poppy is used to commemorate the victims of war.


5 thoughts on “Tan Renga – May 16, 2014

  1. The UK and Canada use of poppies as remembrance, especially of the Great War (WWI) , dates back to John McRae’s poem In Flanders Fields, written before his wartime death. Almost every churchyard and certainly every village in England has a monument to its war dead, usually with a wreath of poppies in front. I’m always moved to see how many lives were lost from tiny villages. One of my friends talks about the unmarried generation of women whose husbands, sweethearts, and potential mates were killed in the war.



    • Thanks for this info, I only knew about Italy, and yes, here we have lots of those momuments as well and poppys often are tied up with WWI…I guess Ishould have known it was a European thing! Glad you read it and thanks for the comment, I really appreciated it!


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