Poppies – May 17, 2014 (Tanka)

poppies in the fields
as numerous as soldiers lie
upon battle-fields
throughout our sad history
war was fought for kingly greed

each flower has a name
though the names may now be lost
upon battle-fields
bonny youth has been wasted
in the name of cursèd power

one moment alive
the next they were all dead
upon battle-fields
where the crows feasted that day
for some rich man’s lowly gain

look at the poppies
in the fields where friends and foes
mixed their blood one day
under the splendid sunshine
one beautiful day in May

Inspired by Flanders Fields by John McCrae

N.B. The original poem expresses the hope of the dead that the home army will defeat their foe and keep fighting their battle.  I was just inspired by the pathos of young men dying in battle and so this is a loose inspiration as I feel war ultamately is a waste of the flower of our youth and today’s foe will probably be tomorrows friend.

5 thoughts on “Poppies – May 17, 2014 (Tanka)

    • Thanks…maybe to evocative, but this is the year is the cenetnary of the great war :-/ Thanks for wht wishes and hope you too have a great week-end! 🙂 Georgia.


    • I see..I’ve never seen a golden poppy before. I’m thinking that poppies are on our minds for different reasons. Here poppies are the symbol of the soldiers who died in battle, maybe because at a certain point there are seas of red poppies in the fields… I like your golden poppies better 🙂


      • golden poppies long in my consciousness, blooming in the spring. perhaps because it’s illegal to pick this state flower they are so abundant. perhaps i’ve heard of red poppies being the metaphor of your prose. soldiers beautiful rebirth.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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