Poetry Prompt #10 – Haiku Novel

“What I would like you to do this week is present your favourite novel, book, your own personal poem, movie or similar – the entirety of it, the story of it – with a Haiku!”

Pirates of the Caribbean

my hero flies
from sail to sail
over the harbor deep

he’s a wretched sot
and not a gentleman
but how I love his walk

he saves his life
and finds his ship
then sails the ocean blue

with an orphan’s help
and a lady’s smile
he somehow saves the day

the treasure found
the enemy comes
trying to steal their wealth

but fate would have it
that the orphan’s right
will open the treasure box

then in the end
we find the orphan’s dad
was a salty pirate too

so he takes his rights
and he sails the seas
with his sword and lady too

Written for We Drink Because We’re Poets – Poetry Prompt 10

9 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #10 – Haiku Novel

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