Pooky’s Prompt# 18 Admiration Acrostic

Kevin Gordon - http://www.sleuthsayers.org/search/label/Kevin%20Gordon

Kevin Gordon – click on the link for credits

Nero Wolfe

Never do I tire of reading, Rex Stout’s omnia …
Even though I’ve read all his works in English and Italian!
Reading about that fat detective, makes me smile and laugh at once.
Oh how I love this guy and his side-kick Archie Goodwin!

When my days are full of strife, I search him out quite soon.
Once I’ve begun to read his tales, I just begin to melt.
Life seems somehow so much simplier, incredible but true.
Fantastic is his world of high class crime,
Entertaining and intelligent too!


Writing for Pooky’s Prompts was difficult this week because I have lots of favorite writers, but at the moment, I’m reading Nero Wolfe again…so I chose him for this acrostic. A week or so ago it would have been Terry Pratchett…or maybe Alessandro Baricco or the Brothers Grimm!

Rex Stout though has been a constant with me from my adolescence so it does seem appropriate to write about Nero Wolfe, my favorite detective along with Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen.

I searched for an illustration on the internet and this fantastic portrait came up on several sites…without credits!  So I enlarged the signature at the bottom of the picture and finally found the painter’s name and followed it to the blog linked to the portrait.  The original site of Kevin Gordan can be found HERE .


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