Wordleing on Monday – May 19, 2014

wordle9Nosferatu’s Descent

From the window of his soul
The lesion in his morals were shown …
Nosferatu felt the splinter deep within,
As pitiless envy entered him and grew …

“Shun the light now coarse demon”
Said the angel to the wretch at last,
“Your name is writ upon the parchment
Of those condemned to hell!”

As he grappled with his burning rosary
Holy water became vinegar to him
And condemned he was to live
In a crypt during bright sunny days …

Blood thirsty vampire he’d become
Eternally walking the darkest nights…
For ’twas immortality he wanted
But at what a terrible price!

His descent from humanity,
Into his shunned vampire form,
Corrupter of the young and beautiful,
Is the stuff of human tales.

His name is known to many
His infamous deeds fill our story books,
So close your windows my pretty virgin
For pitiless, Nosferatu walks tonight.

Inspried by Blog It or Lose It!’s shadorma:  “Grab the Rails” and written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #9


15 thoughts on “Wordleing on Monday – May 19, 2014

    • Forgot the word minutae darn it…and to find an entry would need to write at least a couple of stanza in the middle 😦 Oh well such is life … you’re welcome to the link…you put the idea in my head 😀


      • Glad to have inspired something interesting out there! Nosferatu inspired Yves too – she mentioned wanting to watch it perhaps. If she does, I bet she’ll have something interesting to say about it!

        Don’t feel bad about missing a word — I’ve done that too and it drives me *nuts*! Sometimes it involves so much re-writing that it’s tempting to say “fuggedaboudit”! In a haibun it might be fixable – but when it comes to stanzas of poetry? Nope!


  1. Oh, such a lovely dark poem… No virgin I, but it did make me contemplating closing my windows before bed-time tonight! Love it!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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