Why Did I Start Blogging? – The Big 5 Challenge – May 22, 2014


I came across this question yesterday which I was about to pass by as of course one of the possible answers is in my about page…

That page though is just a partial answer.  I’d already opened a blog a few years earlier at Blog Spot but it didn’t go very far.  I didn’t know what I wanted to write about, basically.  I thought maybe it’d be cool to write about some of those things I’d come across so often on Facebook, but didn’t have space to write about.

Back then, I tried writing in English and Italian.  I wanted to explain to both of my worlds the differences between the American and Italian culture.  However, I was really not up to the chore, for chore it soon became.  I also added some recipes…the best of both worlds.  Besides, it wasn’t easy to post with them back then…you actually had to know how to create your text and lay-out your blog etc.  Basically, I got bored and the blog drifted into no where land.

I’ve always been a talker rather than a writer. I loved debate and like to look at both sides of an argument uhm that would be subject for you English-speaking persons. I’ve held conferences at odd times through-out my life, taught English at different levels (including lit) and now for over the last 4 years I’m guiding an English conversation class.  I often have to do a lot of the talking to pull out responses from my group.  It’s all ad-lib actually and outside of preparing something to read, I rarely prepare a class, which is what’s so much fun in teaching conversation! I’m happy to say that its become a great success.

One of my students last year opened a blog and wanted me to do so too.  She asked me to write about Mali…at the time it was a big news sensation and I’d held a class on current events and spoke about the post colonial African problem.  I wrote two posts about Mali, got no response, and then wrote about some other things.

I began to read other people’s blogs though and came upon the first prompts…I think they were actually the WP Daily Prompts. I soon discovered that I could write poetry…and then short stories and flash fiction.  For a brief period I did get sucked into the competition aspect of blogging…getting good stats, wanting to see those likes and basically losing site of the writing for the pleasure of writing.  I think that it’s basically an induced fixation and if you’ve been blogging for a while with WP you know what I mean.

So in answer to why I started blogging … well I guess it was just happenstance.  Why did I keep on blogging is probably the better question to answer.  I stayed on because I liked what I was writing, it opened new venues to my personality which I didn’t realize existed and the creativity aspects stimulated me,  from creating photographic galleries to haiga and onwards to prompts and poetry, these all hooked me.  Then there are the other writers who fascinate me with their inventiveness and talent. Being introduced to new poetry forms and genre which are often new to me is exciting. All this holds me here.

Now, I feel that the day hasn’t begun unless I write at least a few words. I like bantering with some of my readers and a few friendships have grown which otherwise never would have existed and this is nice.

What about you…why did you keep blogging?  Oh I meant, why did you start blogging?  😉  Georgia aka Bastet

The Big 5 – Why did you start to blog? found at Across the Bored



33 thoughts on “Why Did I Start Blogging? – The Big 5 Challenge – May 22, 2014

  1. I liked writing, stumbled upon trifecta, my first writing chalenge and it grew from there 🙂
    of course no one or very few people read what I write if it’s not submitted to the Speakeasy but I like writing and I hope more and more people will check the things I do on the side. I already have a few followers so yay 🙂


    • Trifecta was really a great place to write for, and I think we all miss them. Speakeasy is also a good place…and I think you know, I’m also one of your followers! The more one writes the more followers join you…then the problem is reciprocating…not easy! 🙂


      • Yes I know, you follow me an I follow me (we’re going around in circles), I didn’t follow you because you followed me don’t worry I like how you write 😉
        It’s true I don’t randomly just go “hey let’s see what this person is doing today” but I like to read my newsfeed an I often find interesting things like this post or a story about a child imagining that the sky is being reborn. 🙂


        • Cool the idea about a child imagining the sky being reborn…like the idea! Yeah…we go around in circles and sometimes we even say “hey…what’s that guy doing” because sometimes I really do that. I like writing, but until recently, I used to do mostly reading…I’m a Book Worm too 😉


          • There are probably two things I couldn’t live without (apart from food and water… and air): music and stories
            which is why I love reading what you guys (kind of meaning everyone I follow) write. And sometimes I go on Renada’s blog to see what she’s doing because she’s not on wordpress or… yeah… I don’t have much time to read books so it’s cool to be able to read short stories like that 🙂


          • Can understand what you mean…as I said I was a reader long before I actually got into writing…and short stories are cool. 🙂


          • Like bow ties *ahem* ever since I was small I’ve loved reading, from Biff Kipper and Chip and their magic toy house to Eragon, Noughts and Crosses, Northern Lights and many others 😉


          • Interesting reading…which I know nothing about I’m afraid except Northern Lights…now I’ll have to google for the rest! LOL!


          • Noughts and crosses is good but I find the writing too simple, I liked it when I was 13. I think you’ll find Biff Kipper and Chip were far before that age :p


          • I saw the movie Inkheart … not bad actually … but then in this sort of thing I think my heart is pretty young 😉


          • Could very well be. 🙂 I still like fairy tales at times when I’m in the right mood. Have you read the Pullman books?


  2. I started because my editor told me I *had* to have a blog as part of my author platform. I kept at it, however, because of amazing people — like you!– that I met along the way.


    • Good for your editor…glad you listened it’s always a pleasure reading your posts…when I finally do get around to doing that. So you had the editor…most are looking for one of those when they start blogging…not the other way around I think. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Now that’s an adventure. Good point on how we always ask how someone started, but rarely wonder how they kept going. I began blogging to promote my books and kind of fell into the fun of posting my thoughts or creative musings. I’ve cut back over the last few months as far as interaction since I was trying to be active on so many blogs that I never got my work done. That’s the tough thing about blogging. You want to be active, but you need to get non-blogging stuff done too.


    • Your last sentence is so true. It’s very easy to get bogged down trying to keep all the non-blogging stuff done…and I’ve come to realize that it’s nearly impossible. The interaction is fun and can be interesting as well, from a writing point of view, but it would mean 24/7 staying on the computer to do even the minimum. Thanks for your feedback Charles, glad you shared!


      • I think many people also get hung up on the stats, so interacting becomes a way to boost them. Unfortunately, you hit a point where it becomes too much. At least for most people. I’m sure there are people who do 24/7 blogging.


        • you very well could be right about the 24/7 … but that is so obssessive. I think it’s best not to get too hung up on those stats. And yes, interacting will boost them, but as you say at a certain point you start wondering why your blogging for stats or for yourself.


  4. Thanks so much for your entry – I like how your post touches upon the subject of finding your way and how you’ve led up to the question of “Why do we keep blogging?” (that was my alternate!)


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