Haiku … Ducks May 24th 2014

the locals mixed with tourists
on a warm spring day

with a subtile quack
they discreetly laid them down
enjoying the shade

humans laid around
but little did this matter
the ducks owned the beach

Last Sunday, we went to Lake Garda for a few hours just to relax and as I was laying on the grass these two ducks decided to come and keep me company … to see the full series of photos go to Through the Eye of Bastet and have a peek!

12 thoughts on “Haiku … Ducks May 24th 2014

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  2. Such a beautiful photo and love the haiku, Georgia. REminds me of the geese that take over Toronto Island…heh heh, hard to find a spot to have a picnic they are masters of that place:) well, in many parts of Toronto area. Looks like a lovely afternoon.


    • It was a lovely morning, but in the afternoon the wind came up and it got very very cold! If you look at the link to Through the Eye you’ll get the full sequence 🙂 They were funny and friendly.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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