Carpe Diem – Creation Myths (tanka)

Today’s myth is about three sisters … it’s another Aboriginal gem from Australia!

three sisters silent
await their father’s long search
he lost magic bone
though safe from Bunyip’s anger
they live now as mountain stone

Here the full myth which I’m copying from the Carpe Diem post:

The Three Sisters an Aboriginal Legend of Down Under

Three sisters, Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo had a father who was a witch doctor. His name was Tyawan.
Long ago there was a Bunyip who lived in a deep hole who was feared by all. Passing the hole was considered very dangerous, therefore whenever Tyawan had to pass the hole in search for food, he would leave his daughters safely on the cliff behind a rocky wall.
One fateful day, Tyawan waved goodbye to his daughters and descended down the cliff steps into the valley.
Meanwhile at the top of the cliff, Meenhi was frightened by a large centipede which suddenly appeared before her. Meenhi took a stone and threw it at the centipede. The stone continued on its journey and rolled over the cliff, crashing into the valley below which angered the Bunyip.
The rocky wall behind Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo then began to split open and the three sisters were left stranded on a thin ledge at the top of the cliff. All the birds, animals and fairies stopped still as the Bunyip emerged to see the terrified girls. As the Bunyip began to approach the girls, to protect them from harm, their father Tyawan used his magic bone to turn them into stone. Angered by this, the Bunyip then began to chase Tyawan. Becoming trapped, in order to flee from the Bunyip, Tyawan changed into a magnificent Lyre Bird, yet in the process dropped his magic bone. Tyawan and his three daughters were now safe from the Bunyip.
Once the Bunyip had disappeared, Tyawan returned in search of his magic bone, yet this was never to be found. The Lyre Bird has been searching for this magic bone ever since. Remaining in rock formation, The Three Sisters stand silently overlooking the valley hoping that one day he’ll find the bone and turn them back to former selves.

When visiting The Three Sisters, if you listen carefully you may be able to hear the Lyre Bird, Tyawan, as he continues his quest for his lost magic bone.


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Myth, Legend and Saga

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11 thoughts on “Carpe Diem – Creation Myths (tanka)

        • So I’ve noticed. Haiku is lovely and by far my favorite, I’ve written at least one haiku day for the last year (I might have mised one or two). Tanka and choka and the other forms I find are more suited for what I wish to write about though 🙂


          • Lol! Makes for a really long title! No, seriously, Haiku is the heart of Carpe Diem but as with a whole being it doesn’t isolate itself in one aspect of life. I like how you run Carpe Diem and I’ve learnt many things from your site. I think not even Basho just wrote haiku…but wouldn’t know as I’m not really familiar with anything but his haiku and not much of that either. But like most poets and thinkers of his time I’d say perhaps he wrote mondo at the very least. 🙂


          • You’re so right … haiku is the heart of CDHK and will stay the heart of it … I have found a really nice mix of different poetry-forms at CDHK and with that mix it’s in balance.


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