Speakeasy – May 26, 2014

Signs @ Speakeasy

Signs @ Speakeasy

She’s travelled all her life, there wasn’t anything mystical or magical about another trip.  She’d lived on all of the four continents and maybe some people could get excited about the pink ice of Jesper’s Crepace but it was just another tourist trap from her point of view.

“But there really must be some place you’d like to go to!” Mikels shouted, exasperated.  “We’ve got to go somewhere for the summer!”

“Just why should we have to go somewhere, why not just stay at home?” Myscel felt put upon.  They’d been discussing the summer vacation constantly over the last few weeks. “If you want to go somewhere, go by yourself!  I’m sick of the whole thing!” she shouted at him.

He picked up his brochures of the various interplanetary tours then took out his portable matter transferer and popped out of the café, leaving her to pay the bill.

She finished her drink and put some money on the table then started to leave to take a walk in the woods.  As she was leaving,  Mikels popped back in and called her name.  She never looked back, she just kept walking.

I wrote this for the Speakeasy #163 … and published it before it was finished by mistake, it was published in draft form … I instantly made it private, and thought I’d rewrite the whole thing, it just wasn’t working for me…but somehow, I saw this morning that it was still out in the world! So I completed it.



19 thoughts on “Speakeasy – May 26, 2014

    • Well…I was going to re-write the whole thing from a different view-point but I accidently published it, so figured I’d finish it. Glad you liked it though.


  1. I hate it when that happens! Nice recovery, nice story. The four continents fooled me and I was trying to figure out where Jesper’s Crepace was, then I got to the end of your story. Good one!


    • Hmm…I think I just recently read a lovely poem written by you so I’d say you can surely write! I’m glad you liked my little story. Georgia


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