Wordeling with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie!


In The Garden (Fairy Tale)

Falling in a trance
Emulous of the greatest yogi
I thought to find enlightenment.

Into my mind seeped  these visions:
I stood upon a balcony
With a spiral staircase.
I walked down slowly
And came upon a garden.

In the garden there was a fig tree.
In the distance I heard a bell.
The air was filled with a honey scent,
Inviting yet ’twas vile.

Along a wall there was a rose-bush.
It was tied up in silken threads,
The ligature was made of cob webs
And ’twas sheathed from top to bottom.

I blushed spying a couple
Making love playfully in some fronds nearby.
Their love-making was boisterous,
Innocent and pure …
I was under pressure
Not to be observed, so hid.
In some bushes that were at hand.

I saw a sinuous man …
Like a serpent thin and lithe.
A merry twinkle in his eye,
He seemed to be awaiting them.

Soon their passion concluded,
They walked towards him, hand in hand.
The snake-man began to laugh
With a book between his hands.

“What’s that you’re doing, friend Slither?”
Said the woman curiously.
“Laughing at this story I’m reading,
It’s so humorous you see.”

“Oh I’d love to know this thing you do…
I’d love to understand!”
“But that can only happen” he said,
“If you had knowledge – could distinguish,
Between what’s good and  bad!”

He laughed again quite heartily,
Tears flowed down from his eyes.
She looked at him in wonder,
Her curiosity quite aroused.

“Show me how to do this thing!”
The lovely lady said…
He took her to the tree of knowledge.
She ate of the fruit forthwith.

She thus learned then what humor was,
And understood much more too…
So she offered the fruit to her man.
He ate just barely hesitating,
Troubled by a dash of a forgotten memory,
A prohibition came through his mind,
From a  dream he’d once had,
Such a long time before.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #10


19 thoughts on “Wordeling with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie!

    • Hello Hank…It just came out with the old epidose revised. It seemed as I was writing that this was a more logical way of describing the story. After all they ate from the tree of knowledge, not from an apple tree. It’s the knowledge that makes us different in little things from our fellow creatures…we still have a lot in common though with them in others.


  1. I really enjoyed your response to wordle 10! I didn’t catch on to the “secret” until the snake showed up with a book — great addition/take to a very old story.


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