Acronym Fun – I Challenge You! May 27, 2014

Last September I wrote this poem:


Anyone can string letters in a row,

Challenging is making sense of them.

Reading newspapers or mags from the States,

Only make my head spin in frustrated irritation.

Noting that I know not their austere origins,

Yale laureates look down their snobby noses.

Madame, YNWI *!  (BTW, I just invented that),

So now you can figure out what YNWI* means!

(*you’re not well informed)

The other day Jen, from Blog it or Lose it! sent me a lovely photo and on a road sign there were these letters, well let me show you the road sign…

road signI have to admit, we had a lot of fun trying to imagine what PDS might stand for…and some of the other readers of the We Drink Because We’re Poets’ Story Prompt post added some interesting meanings too.

So I thought I’d play a game … I’m going to write some letters and I’d like to see what meanings you can come up with…and if you like, you can write a poem or a story about the new acronym (pls link it here if you do so I can find and read it easily) or just put your answers in the comments!


Ciao! Bastet

(I thought this could mean: No Good Seriously Reading)


28 thoughts on “Acronym Fun – I Challenge You! May 27, 2014

  1. NGSR: Neutral Giedian Solar Republic

    Twin planets in the Giedi Star system which refused to take sides in the Trans-Galactic war which raged for over a hundred years. Because of their unwavering neutral status, refugees flooded the system, colonizing a third planet and several moons which hold official, but non-voting, status in the Republic.

    Because many of the refugees were poor – farmers, miners and such – they were able to scrape out a life on their new home worlds, though not without sacrifices and loss. These refugee-settlers, often from diverse planetary systems, formed new communities and cultures as they came together, relying on each other for mutual survival.

    In the end, each colony became a unique blend of those who built it, with even their languages often being so different as to be unable to communicate directly in their primary tongues. Some learned one of the the NGSR tongues, others chose to keep to themselves, building their own ways.

    (I should write a story about this… 😉 )


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