Change – Story Prompt #10 – We Drink Because We’re Poets – May 29, 2014

Each day is something special.  The seasons, the weather or people around you flavor each day with its own special seasoning.

My three-year old son, got away from me as I was shopping in the fresh vegetable market, I called him, but he was in the mood for a game of tag.  He ran between two cars, his intentions were clear.  A motor-cycle, speeding down the road would have caught him and thrown him to his death.  I screamed.  He stopped surprised.  Tragedy, avoided.

Memories of years and seasons come to mind as I think of change …

My three-year old son, got away from me as we were having our vaccinations.  He hated inoculations, the very sight of a needle terrorized him.  The parking lot was filled with cars.  We searched for him, finding him hidden beneath a jeep.  I shouted at him and he came out with a whimper.  Tragedy, avoided.

Three sons, each their own tale to tell…each their near-miss with tragedy.

My three-year old son, playing super-man in his bed-room.  He decided to fly from the poor-boy to his bed.  Unfortunately he missed the mattress and hit his face against the bed post.  He let out a yell!  When I came to his room, his face bloodied,  his front teeth caved in.  I got our driver to take us to the mission hospital some 60 miles away.  The dentist attended him … going home we went near a village.  The villagers, blocking the road, told us we had to take another way back home as they were “at war” with their neighbors, who had stolen some sheep … we arrived safely.  Tragedy, avoided.

Now, each one is a man and they have their own their personal bits of history, which may or may not one day be told.  Their own near tragedies and their own changes.  And life continues.

spring becomes summer
the same street looks different
puddles in the street

Story Prompt #10 We Drink Because We’re Poets

9 thoughts on “Change – Story Prompt #10 – We Drink Because We’re Poets – May 29, 2014

    • Well, now three lively men…but yes when they were young they were a bundle…and yes, and I think they sometimes did like to put fear into the heart of their mom!


  1. Oh my!!! how scary!! My son scared me so many time (thank goodness not his sister) his super man stint on the roof of my neighbours, he’d been called several times in malls hiding under hanging clothes…sigh. Your stories are so beautifully told in not so many words…don’t know how you do it but by golly, you do! lovely! I’m so excited to be able to comment in the morning!! working days today!! Ciao Bella! xx


    • I think boys are usually pretty daring and having had three tripled the adventure (though Franz was born when they were already adolesents). I’ve been very happy to see yoso much this morning, love your comments! By now you’ll be at work, so I wish you a good day a little late!! Ciao a presto! xxx


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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