Tale Weaver’s Prompt #10 – Fast Forward – June 1, 2014

 Into The Future

We  love our ingenuity and of course we always thought that we could rely on that ingenuity to solve all our problems.  I sat back looking at videos about “the future” and shook my head at how innocent we were back in the 1900s.

With a population of over 10 billion people, a world economy that had gone through 20 years of havoc due to the maverick attitudes of the plutocrats that virtually ruled the world and depletion of Earth’s resources, all of which the happy oracles of the past could never have imagined, the reality of our passage was quite different from what they’d imagined.

We’ haven’t been able to organize a complete recovery of our planet, yet.  Back then, each government felt that their particular needs had priority over the common good, so things had to be done slowly to avoid all-out war.

The climate change reduced Europe to a winter wonderland once the Gulf Stream stopped flowing…chilling that continent down rapidly.  But technology was able to take care of most of the problems first and foremost by creating the domed villages.

Asia had no space to grow food to feed its population, many had tried to immigrate as they’d often done in the past during periods of famine or drought…but in the end, there was just no place to go, so the tidal-wave of people were rejected and sent back home.

Water, drinkable water is still an expensive commodity, though of course a certain amount of communal fountains exist in each town or city quarter so that although some must stand in line for hours to get their daily ration they don’t have to pay the high prices of tap water.  However, scientists are working on the problem by studying the feasibility of converting sea water and rain making.

The rich became richer wielding their power through their patients gained through the financial manipulation of inventions and technology.  Even medicine was a commodity!  The consumers of the world tried to rebel.  Riots rocked the streets as the new poor, those who’d once been the middle class,  clamored for food, medicine and shelter.

It was just a matter of time before the conservative regimes were born, with the approval of those who still had something to lose, but also by the poorer classes and they clamped down on the excesses of the past.

Democracy toppled in one country after another as emergency plans were created to keep the peace and stem the worst of the economical disaster.  “You can’t have it both ways,” one important politician said:  “rule by the people in times of crisis is like being governed by a  pack of wolves!”  The first thing they did was to renig on all their National debt.

Fortunately the population was quickly reduced after the epidemic of 2030.  What had seemed a banal influenza turned out to be so virulent that it wiped out half of the world’s population in just a few short months.  Some whisper that that was planned … that they had released the viral strain that had killed so many to bring the population down, but nobody has ever been able to prove who they are.

Things have been getting a little better since the Chinese Empire allied itself with the American Confederation, back in 2053,  to share technology and resources for the world good.

State run Internet helps organize the various thinkers of the world and to keep the world informed of the important projects that have been adapted to control the worst of the Global Warming. Strangely enough no one believed it existed only a few short decades ago. Internet is the perfect medium for global cooperation and coordination.

Of course the oil fields have virtually dried-up and we now depend on solar and aeolic power for our personal power needs.  The Europeans were the spear-head of the alternative energy market, having been the first to start experimenting when they could no longer depend on oil, way back in the 20s.

Sahara Desert United is now one of the richest energy producers of the world, along with the Gobi Desert Project and the Sonora Desert Consortium.  New aeolic fields are growing daily in Antarctica, and of course the area is still free from any specific national interests.

The new leaders of our world, the conservative technocrats quickly freed themselves from the plutocrats of the past.  Now with a controlled population of 5 billion people and collaboration between the various smaller regimes due to the Sino-American alliance, things are looking up.  In this year of the lord 2099, we have hope for the future of the planet.



Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie : Tale Weaver’s Prompt #10 – Fast Forward

I’m not sure what the future holds for us…this is just an exercise in speculation based on pseudo facts and history…I am sure though that we won’t be seeing any time in the near future the world depicted in the video.

13 thoughts on “Tale Weaver’s Prompt #10 – Fast Forward – June 1, 2014

  1. A scary world — perhaps one we change begin to alter (in a positive, free, self-determining way) — before it is too late.
    A scary tale with hopeful undertones. Great “days of future past!”


    • Hopefully we can change things around in a postitive, free, self-determining way…but though as the Italians say where there is life there is hope, it’s seems that there isn’t much movement in that direction. Humanity has gone through many dark periods with moments of beauty and greatness, so in my story, although the moment was dark in certain aspects, I tried to propose something positive that could shine through.
      The idea of eventually “technology” will free itself from the present power system and take over the world in order to solve its problems isn’t really mine but come from some of the ideas of an Italian philosopher named Severino, though he never fictionalized like I did.


      • I’m not familiar with “modern” philosophers. Severino seems to have insights. I’m glad you fictionalized his thinking — easier for someone like me to understand his thoughts and theories.


        • Those are part of his more recent thoughts … I’ve read some of his later books..all in Italian of course and from what I see they’ve never been translated. Most of the stuff I did find in English are his older studies and statements.


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