Haibun – June 6, 2014 – Misciui


In the warm moon-lit African evening people gathered around a large table decked with a large platter of rice.  The misciui would soon begin.  The goats roasting on the fire would soon be ready.

Someone came with a balafon and his friend brought drums.  They began to play as the rest of the guest listened.  The meat was soon ready and placed in the in honor at the center of the table.

Everyone began to eat as the music played on, eventually becoming more obsessive.  A couple finished eating stood up and began to shake with the rhyme of the drums, their dance sensual, a perfect imitation of love-making as he leaned over her and she responded.

Drink flowed liberally and as each person had his fill of meat and rice, they too began to dance obsessed with the music.  Soon under the light of the moon gyrating couples were lost in the magic of the music and the moon.  All but one old man.

A girl tried to pull him into the center of the dance area. He shook her off and refused saying: “My days of dancing are now past me!  I remember when I was young and shouted at my grandfather, either dance well or start drinking.  I’m drinking tonight!”

moon-lit party
under the skies of Africa
an old man drinks

The prompt this week at Ligo Haibun is “Either dance well or start drinking”.

* misciui is a sort of barbecue, I’m not sure how one spells it, I’ve only heard it used.

10 thoughts on “Haibun – June 6, 2014 – Misciui

    • It is part of a memory of an occasion that I really loved. We’ve lost sight maybe of the intenseness of drums beating under the moon. That was such a fantastic evening that I love to revisit it in my mind.


    • Ah, even before drinking…actually that evening there wasn’t much to drink, it was actually the atmosphere and music that was intoxicating. 😉


  1. Wonderful description. Actually, REALLY wonderful description and setting. A book starting like this would be bought by me after glancing on the first page. An exotic haibun. All the cultural references were just right, and really made the haibun, and the dancing juxtaposed with the old man was an emotional touch, but also technically superb. Really good write.


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