A Sunday Wordle for Sunday Whirl!


Dear Wordlers,

School’s out for summer! These words came from the first 20 minutes of the movie “Family” with Michelle Pfeifer and Robert DeNiro.

Eat them up.
Digest them.
Turn them into something else.

Brenda  (from Sunday Whirl)


hello, stomping, existence, muffled, numbers, language, place, right, sizzle, back, power

The Black Cat

It was June 21, 20.. , I was sitting out in my back yard barbecuing some pork ribs and chicken thighs getting ready for the annual feast, when I saw my new neighbor, an obnoxiously noisy man, coming across the yard.

“Hello!” said Jackson as he came towards me stomping the clover, “What’s that you got on the grill?”

You could smell the meat and see it sizzle, there wasn’t any mistaking what was cooking.  I figured that this was just a Jackson way to try to get himself invited to dinner, which was not going to happen.

“Hi Jackson, back from fishing I see.”

“Yeah, just got back to my place about 10 minutes ago. Didn’t catch a damn thing though. Shit, it’s been one hell of a day!”

“Heh, watch your language, my wife May doesn’t go for cussing.” I cautioned him.

“Ah hell, Sammy, you afraid of a woman…”

“You better believe it, you don’t know her, believe me you don’t want to get her dander up. She can make existence pretty rough for people who displease her.”

“Shi-it! You gotta be kidding me.” he said slapping me on the back. ” You going to offer me a beer?”

“No I’m not” I said coolly, “and I think it’s better you be pushing off.”

“Hey, that isn’t right neighborly now. I’ll just go and say hello to your missus.”

Well, I did try to stop the oaf, but there are just some people in this world that won’t listen.

A bright flash lit up the evening from the house.  Mary had the power you see, and being Solstice Eve only augmented it.

A howling black cat ran out of the house.

My wife came out, all dressed in white with a flower crown in her hair.

“Don’t worry Sammy, he’ll be back to normal tomorrow morning.”

“Will he remember?”

“Probably.” she purred.


Written for Sunday Whirl #164

12 thoughts on “A Sunday Wordle for Sunday Whirl!

    • Now that you ask me…I’m not sure. I think in a way it’s the words themselves that create an idea for a poem or story. This time it was sizzle…I began thinking of barbecues and went from there. Thanks for asking! 😀


    • Lol…funny you should mention that…in the beginning she was going to be Circe and turn him into a piggy, but then I though, well, I’ve written twice about Circe last week so I thought I’d do a regular witch instead. Now I thought I’d have Circe’s sister come and visit…and she’s Medusa. Don’t think you’d want to meet up with her though 😉


  1. Ah, Georgia, you’ve done it again! Great story! Two tiny typos (I think), if you don’t mind me saying so? Second sentence ‘say’ should probably be ‘saw’ and there’s a ‘me’ missing in the ‘slapping on back’ a bit further down. *blushing* See, I really do read pretty carefully and am a terrible word-nazi (trying to help myself but it doesn’t always work). In any case, I really enjoyed this, and think that the wife did exactly what was needed to the over-bearing neighbour! *smile*


    • I’m really very happy when someone gives me an important tip, like typos, grammar etc. if they aren’t high-handed about it, and you aren’t. I don’t have a proper paid editor and my virtual one just smiles at me and says…great! I actually reread my stuff…but I just miss things ’cause I guess I’m not a careful reader … then sometimes I reread again once published and have to run back and fix stuff.
      I agree that neighbor had it coming to him he really was a pain! I’m glad you enjoyed the story! Many thanks again.


      • I’m glad you took it in the spirit intended… I just know that (since I’m the same with my writing) I’d like to have someone tell me if my unpaid, smiling editor misses something… *smile*


        • 🙂 no problem. There are some times when it’s really better to have a helping hand finding an error than making a fool of oneself through silly pride! Thanks again!


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