Just a Note – Internet Blackout in Italy- Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th in Italy this month was unlucky for about 28% of the internet users in Italy, including myself at around 11:00 this morning.

Mmy first hint was when suddenly Skype went off line – but that happens pretty often here anyway.  I changed computers in the mean time using my netbook computer where I could sit in a cooler area. When I discovered my netbook refused to connect, I first thought it was a problem with the netbook.  After about 20 minutes of messing around, I tried to connect with my principle computer, but discovered it too wouldn’t connet.

My first thought was that my wifi router had given up the ghost!  But the computers communicated through the home network.  At this point I tried to call my server…first no answer, then the line went busy.  Finally at 4:30 I was able to reach the server and was informed that they were off-line nation wide.

About 15 minutes ago I again tried to connect the internet…and voila!

So … truth is stranger than fiction, at least for Wind-Inforstrada, my server … Friday the 13th is unlucky for them and their clients!  By the way there is no news as to what actually happened … maybe tomorrow, or then again maybe not.  Buona Notte from Italy!  Bastet

9 thoughts on “Just a Note – Internet Blackout in Italy- Friday, June 13, 2014

    • Thanks…we are still “land-line” locked and so know what you mean about the slowness of internet. One of the reasons I get up before the crack of dawn 🙂 Still it was odd that only one company was hit, so it had to be their central computer (s) even the cell phones were out in certain areas.


      • What a pain… and just shows us how reliant we are on these things. Everything at work is through email and internet… it has happened a few times where everything has gone down. How much time do I waste trying to get it to work??? Not much when I have 25 little ones rolling on the carpet! Qucikly you have to skip and do something else… the old fashion way with books and paper 😉


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