Senryu – Summer thoughts – June 14, 2014

heat waves ripple
tempers rise voices shout
afternoon walk

watermelon rinds
dumped in flower pots
summer festival

splashing children
grumbling old lady
a wet book

riding in an oven
forty degrees
my car

hair limp and damp
five minutes after setting
wasted money

sweating and writing
moisture drips down my brow
writing poems

Trying to get some work done on my computer I was sweating so much that I decided to sit in my easy chair under the fan with my netbook…but internet was dead …  I went to have my hair done … my car was so hot I had to put on driving gloves to take hold of the steering wheel … Going from my car to the beauty shop I heard a lot of different people shouting in anger, everyone’s windows are open in summer, and I thought: “how the heat heats up people’s spirits!” … Getting my hair done in the summer is really a waste of money and so I’ll be getting it cut short next week … I went to the lake, some children were having fun splashing and chasing each other but an elderly lady was laying under an umbrella reading when they passed by wetting her and her book and she let out a shout!  During the evening the city offered watermelon to everyone for the annual summer festival … all the flower pots were soon filled with rinds even though there were plenty of trash bins to put them in … One day in Arco!

11 thoughts on “Senryu – Summer thoughts – June 14, 2014

  1. You poor dear! I sympathize with you and that heat!! It went only up to 30 3 days ago and warmer in my home at the end of my shift. Hair? Just tie mine up and stand in the tepid shower to cool off the brain…haha. I go to work without makeup already and fix it when I get there in air conditioning. Poor colleagues see me without my face for a few mintues…haha


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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