The Game – Speakeasy #166 – June 17, 2014


He taught me how to read people’s eyes. To get directions directly from their brains.  It was really the only way to get through the labyrinth of the surreal dream world he’d created on his modified Wii ©.

We’d been playing non-stop for about 6 hours.  Strange how time just kind of stretches like a rubber band, I thought to myself at one point.  I took my visor off.  But the scene hadn’t changed.  There I was, still in the surreal citadel, standing on the terrace just below the useless water wheel.

“John!” I shouted frantically.

“Maria!  Where are you?” he replied.

“Down on the terrace … but I took my viewer off!” my voice quivered as I continued, “But the scene … I’m still in the game!”

“Oh my God! Nooooo!” I heard the long fading echo of his voice … then silence.

I realized I was alone.


Speakeasy #166

Photo credits: MC Escher – Waterfall


32 thoughts on “The Game – Speakeasy #166 – June 17, 2014

    • Thanks Silverleaf. That’s what flash fiction should be I think…a whole story in a few words. I write haiku, so the natural next step was powershorts and flash fiction 😉


  1. An absolute nightmare! So eerily expressed. It feels like that dream you have after playing a game too long! I’d like to read the story of how he rescues her…


  2. hehe this totally made me chuckle because i’ve been there on the couch playing video games for hours upon hours with my now husband. i’d go to sleep and DREAM about the darn games.


  3. Your story felt like when you first close your eyes to sleep after obsessing over a game for hours. The imprint of the game is still there and you’re still playing, you know? Nicely captured!


    • I’m not a gamer, but I am an avid reader … and something similar happens to me after I’ve passed hours in the world of words! So I think I know what you mean! Thanks, that quite a cmpliment!


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