Photo Challenge – June 18, 2014

Tom Bagshaw

Tom Bagshaw

The merry band woke up that day
To play with turtles and take-away
Old Teddy in his top hat and tucks
Sat on the chair and tut- tut-tutted

“You can’t do that and not make waves!”
Said Teddy in his old tiresome way …
“When Isabel the nanny comes or the maid,
They’ll surely see the mess that you’ve made!”

Melaney socketless would have winked
But without eyes she couldn’t have blinked
“They’ll think it was the kiddies you know
So I’m going to have fun and you can just go!”

She went to the turtle tank and took out the lad
Went to the bathroom and then said: “Ye Gads!”
The tub was too high and the sink higher still …
Where would she find water for the basin to fill?

The turtle snapped at her, as turtles will do,
“Don’t you put me where they do their yucky poo!”
Luckily for him she saw the bright pink bidet
So she plopped him in there right away!

Teddy looked on and the turtle had fun,
Raggidy-Anne smiled wearing a bright red bun,
Gi – Joe was on guard to give out the call
If the nanny should have passed down the hall.

The take-away, quite soggy, was no good to eat
But ’twas fine for the turtle who loved the odd treat.
Then a call from the sentry made Melaney stop …
She ran like a flash to the scarred brown desk top.

In came the nanny all huffity uppity with a dish pan,
And ran to the bathroom where the water still ran!
She shouted and hollered calling on the gods
Seeing the bidet, the turtle and take-away gobs.

The children slept soundly, tucked in their beds,
Their little hands under their sweet little heads.
The nanny indulgent just cleaned up the mess
Put the turtle in his bowl and went off to rest.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Photo Challenge # 13

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