4 Seasons – Haiku (Soil) – Jue 19, 2014


Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Spring (1563)

freshly tilled soil
fertile, pungent and black
early promise

arcimboldo summer - 1563

Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Summer (1563)

golden upright kings
sprouting from the loamy soil
vibrant life

Giuseppe Arcimbolco - Autumn 1573

Giuseppe Arcimbolco – Autumn (1573)

dead stalks strewn
upon the barren soggy soil
after the harvest

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Winter (1563)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Winter (1563)

bare windswept fields
soil frozen under snow

Written for Heeding Haiku with HA : The Soil

Art work found on Wikipedia

34 thoughts on “4 Seasons – Haiku (Soil) – Jue 19, 2014

  1. Ah beautifully depicted the 4 seasons “d’une recolte”. You could add this into your children’s section too. When describing the season’s of man’s life to children when I ran groups for Chidren and Bereavement, the seasons made sense. Love the photos you included, ma chère…my first read on my android…had a lazy day home today.


  2. Oh, I love that art and I love your haikus. I’m really enjoying catching up with you. Sorry to have been MIA from back pain. MRI is Wed and that should help me figure out what is going on. Hope you are well! Warmly, Brenda


    • Thanks fory your compliments…Arcimboldo’s 4 seasons are so much fun that I couldn’t resist, though I did think about going back and looking for Japanese 4 season scenes. 🙂


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