Haibun – A life well travelled – June 19, 2014

Throughout my life travel has been the by-word.  From State to State my path was laid, learning new aspects of human existence.  Early I began to discover that long-held “truths” were not in fact truth and certainly not universal.  Each people, every nation had views that were so very different from the views I’d absorbed in my childhood.

Diversity as a concept is a wonderful thing and maybe the only truth that really exists.  We are one in life but diverse in our view of life.  It’s not always been an easy path to walk.  I’ve watched my citadel of childhood beliefs became abandoned ruins but then if you travel and live in the wide world, it’s the minimum price to be paid.

railroad tracks
passing through a village
beckoning onward

the carousel of life
spinning wild confusion

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Written for Ligo Haibun Phicture Prompt

10 thoughts on “Haibun – A life well travelled – June 19, 2014

  1. Lovely take on these photos, Georgia, and a sneak peek on your travels and how they shaped the open and caring person that you are. I love both haiku for different reasons, the first since I come from a railroad town and the second speaks so much about how we need to be open to change and diiversity.


    • Thanks Oli …my mother’s family lived right on the railroad tracks! I enjoyed this challenge very much and it was a spontaneous write (but then most of mine are anyway) I’m really pleased theat the two haiku seemed to match the photos so well! Thanks for your feedback!


  2. Great combining of the prompts in you haiku. The imagery of your childhood beliefs becoming ruins is very stark.


  3. I like the way you have combined both pictures and woven them into a haibun that probes deeply into the nature of truth. Very skillfully done and beautifully written.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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