Wild Red Wolfe Wordle # 20

wordle20Summer Rites

Commemorating the eternal mystical cycle …
We bowed low before the moon,
Like natives, in their incarnated grace,
From the border of my memory.
In tribute to our past,
We sipped grandmother’s dandelion wine,
In the magic circle in the wood …
We began our celebratory rites,
Incarnated by the flames and
Dedicated to a planet never seen.
The clay golem rose,
His form glinting against the sky.
He took the bowl from my hands
Then drank deeply.
His majestic symmetrical shape,
A perfection in its way,
Was our eternal tribute
To life.


This week’s Red Wolf Poems’ Wordle # 20 is composed by using these words from the poets who participated in Red Wolf Poems’  Prompt #214: Celebration and Ritual drop by and read them both!

Rosalyn: eternal, cycle, magic
Jules: grace, moon, celebratory
Barbara: wake, follows, usually
Irene: border, natives, incarnated
Rick1: clay, shape, planet
Rick2: memory, grandmother, bowl
Stimmyabby: wood, flame, glinting

30 thoughts on “Wild Red Wolfe Wordle # 20

        • You’re welcome. I remeber the first time I read about golem (outside of an obscure reference ) it was in a novel, but I can’t remember the author or title, sigh. The golem were uncontrollable and although this wasn’t a horror book it did get scary at moments because the word the rabbi had given him was justice!


  1. Lovely, Georgia. Puts us right in the time we are right now, preparing for “la St-Jean” celebrated a few days after summer solstice, the end of school, the beginning of summer and a new harvest. I can’t wait until end of July with fresh corn.


    • Ah … I’d never heard of this feast! Too cool! Here school has been closed for about a week already. At harvest time for us, it’s grapes, but not before October. No fresh corn … sigh.


          • My mom was on diets (nice way of saying eating disorders) all her life …poor mom. Good think I never took after my sister or mom…love food way too much and being healthy.


          • I’m tempted by dieting right now. I’ve just put on so much weight since last autumn it isn’t funny. Still, I must admit that my mom was and has anoressic tendancies ’cause she suffered being overweight so much when she was a kid…so I have to watch out for that.


          • I tried Weight Watchers on line for 2 months a year and a half ago and it was enough to get me on a healthy eating again and understanding carbs, fat, protein and fibre (to calculate) even had the app on my smart phone for 2 months to calculate when grocery shopping by looking at ingredents…2 months and 8 months later, I had lost over 30 lbs…I find they are the healthiest and you eat well …


          • I really do know all that and usually am able to keep things balanced … they are about the best around btw and until recently didn’t have the problem but rnow now it seems that whatever I eat turns to fat. Oh well … it’ll work out once i get back on an even keel.


          • Yes, well, WW was just a good reminder of how healthy I used to eat and admittedly metabolism slowed down a lot too…summer is here, walking is good and fresh fruits and veges:) As a nana, however, I like the extra weight so my grandson can cuddle…haha


          • LOL … yes with fresh fruits and veges things are going a little better, and I should get out a little more then I have been of late. Summer is always a good time to get a little fitter. There is the cuddle aspect of course to be kept in mind 😉


          • There you go! My mom was too skinny and the kids did not like that too much which made me feel better when I had gained. My daughter told me it made me look younger…so younger it is:)


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