Linear Time – Ghazal for dVerse – June 20, 2014

History’s seeming mutating change in linear time …
Keeps me wondering about the meaning of linear time.

When wayward drones warn me of terrible change in war…
I reflect on the fickleness of linear time.

I feel that the renewal of life is an endless changeless cycle …
As I see the stagnant historical repetition, what of linear time?

Wondering if perhaps disastrous change is again upon us …
Is new dark age to be inserted in the annals of “linear time”?

Bastet ponders upon the strange fate of our changing planet …
And mankind’s grasping unshaken belief, in linear time.

N.B.  We think that time goes ever forward, some believe that history is a document that demonstrates that humanity, if not in its particular civilizations but as a whole is forever moving forward in a linear evolutionary pattern becoming always more and more “civilized” … I wonder.

This ghazal was written for the dVerse Poetry prompt Repetition because I’d just been speaking about the ghazal with a friend and she brought the prompt to my attention.

By the way, this is a particularly interesting prompt as it presents many forms which use either repetitions of lines or phrases … which I love to write, so even if I don’t submit a few future poems to the dVerse Mr. Linky I do intend to write using some of these forms presented in the post over the next few days!

17 thoughts on “Linear Time – Ghazal for dVerse – June 20, 2014

  1. The concept explored here (in fine form I must say) is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Just yesterday I saw this interesting link about how experiments confirm that time is indeed an emergent phenomenon for ‘internal’ observers but absent for external ones.” (internal to the ‘universe’) It had me wondering if there is a way I choose to use my energy-forming capacity to “see” a universe through linear time – but if I knew how to do something differently I could form my own view/reality of a universe without the repeating nuttiness linear time is showing me now.

    View at


    • Thanks for you thoughts and the great link! I think pschologically we tend to see the world in our own way forming our own reality/view of life if not the universe. However as a species we tend to live thinking that time is a line of events which just may not be in fact true. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile myself and enjoyed your thoughts… will certainly look at the link seems very interesting!


    • Yes, people tend to repeat themselves over and over again … making similar or the same errors. History unfortuantely seems to be just the tad we record of what the powers that were felt important.


  2. So as a physicist I would say that the time is certainly not linear.. but it’s by no means reversible either… all efforts of reversing the effect comes at a huge cost somewhere else.. maybe it’s those effects we see in humanity. Secondly time is a complicated matter that depends on where we are… I would ask myself if the concept of simultaneous is what have changed the most… before our quick means of communications it could take weeks or years to understand that things had happened. Still I think that different places run on different time scales… and in that way it’s also far from linear… sorry for bursting out in a scientific response… but these things are close at heart for me.


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