Swallows – June 25, 2014- Free Verse

Baby Swallows

swirling whirling through the sky
swalows play outside my window
through the houses
over the trees
joyous shrieks
on the breeze,
of a warm summer eve …
babes you were
a year ago
you left for warmth
leaving winter snow
now your return
makes my heart sing
as I watch you play and fly the evening by
swirling whirling through the sky
swalows play outside my window

Last year I took this photograph of a family of swallows – and misnamed it sparrows.  Anyway the family returned ithis spring, mated and now a new generation sits where last years chicks sat …it’s such a joy to see the continuaton of the cycle of life and hear their joyous chatter as thye play their games outside my window

7 thoughts on “Swallows – June 25, 2014- Free Verse

  1. Your poem is so nice and the photo stunning! I can’t tell by the sounds of birds, but mornings I hear a concert sometimes and wish I could figure out the 3 different sounds but one is quite peircing.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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