Haiku for HA – June 26, 2014

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crowded – empty streets
wide or closed-in pathways
peaceful – chaotic
the arteries of cities
pumping life’s vitality

along the street
humanity passing by
chickens surprised

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Heeding Haiku with HA

19 thoughts on “Haiku for HA – June 26, 2014

  1. I love the haiku… the surprised chickens and the humanity passing by… What an intriguing creation!
    And the tanka well describes everything that needs to be described about streets. Great job. 🙂


    • That street with the chickens brings back a smile … it was taken in Padova near where my son lives, they’d escaped from a guys yard, in that part of the city there are still a couple of farms!


    • Easy . After you’ve uploaded the photos you want to use, there’s a link on the left of the photo editor that read Create Gallery … then after clicking that, on the bottom left hand cornor you’ll find another … insert into post . A new editor page opens and you can then put in dialogue on the individual photos, change their order etc. on the right there’s one of those curtain like menus where you can choose one of the different types of gallerys … this one is slideshow! Then click insert into post again and the job’s done!


        • Yep … I was dead out on my feet yesterday … got up at 4 and didn’t see my bed ’til midnight cause we have a guest. And you, how’s the knee going, better I hope!


          • It is the same and worse, I can’t tell anymore. Why I put off seeing a doctor to tell me there’s nothing they can do is beyond me. I should at least go to get a brace prescribed.


          • I’m so sorry … that happened to me last (2013) spring and my walking was curtailed a lot. My doctor gave me some “anti-inflamation” meds, a gel for the knee , told me not to exaggerate walking, no hills use the bike only on the plains (in Trentino … Where it’s all up hill or down hill!) and give it time.


          • did he say what caused it? I know I have arthrose (french) in knees, spine,neck …but it just got 100 times worse inthe knees…perhaps the heat and msut lose weight…too hard on the knees.


      • Oh cara!! I muffed it up on this post to your prompt but got it on my other blog…coming back here to these instructions which I will put on my desktop now. woot woot, je suis tellement contente!!! It looks professional!!!:) Grazie, cara!! xx


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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