What is the Prompt – June 26, 2014


On a bright or rainy day
I sit here and wonder what to say
As Pixelventures comes around
Or when I write for story day

But what is the prompt, I sit and think,
At times going near the brink,
Of frustration and despair,
Racking my brain trying to think

At last my muse gives me a hand …
There’s the answer my prompt’s planned!
Add the picture, write a rhyme –
Then hope that people will try their hand.

On a bright or rainy day
I sit here and wonder what to say …

This modified kyrielle sonnet was written for the wonderful prompt: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#138 …but what is the prompt

16 thoughts on “What is the Prompt – June 26, 2014

    • Ach … there are times when I just feel a bit frustrated … I can feel for all those who are putting up prompts around blogosphere, who often get no replies. I’ve never caught the knack of creating a great prompt. But I will carry on! 🙂


      • Where I used to work, I used to ask people to send photos or lessons, or I’d write an appeal asking people to send support, or join an effort, etc. and there would be *nothing*. And it was agonizing. And then other people would write an appeal and blammo — all kinds of responses. And I’d look at the appeal and think *what on earth did they do differently*? You just never know! Writing blog posts seems to be the same thing.


  1. I like your poem, I find poetry taxing (new to writing it) so I’m impressed you’ve written one for the 100wcgu! Fab 🙂


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. Anything is taxing the first time you start doing it I think. Each new form I try has me frowning and muttering … and then voila! it’s there written and I feel so surprised and pleased. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! 🙂


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