Bastet and Sekhmet’s New Library at Blogspot

Dada Kaleidoscopic World

 In a Kaleidoscope world

Lost causes miss out,

Whilst assessing  Explosive reactions …
our brave Brothers
TRY to   Decide
What THEY think  they should do about War  …
Women KNOW THAT guns don’t make babies … 
!  !  !  !

Follow the link in the title to see my Blogspot blog … it’s been open since 2010, but I never hardly ever used it…so I thought I’d give it a whirl with a DADA poem as I had plenty of font choices there 😉

15 thoughts on “Bastet and Sekhmet’s New Library at Blogspot

  1. Well, that’s cool. Somewhere I have my old Blogger blog and while I’ll never go back to it for regular blogging, I have no problem using it as a draft site. Hmmm. Must go away and think. Thank you!


    • Welcome Margo, I too prefer WP, but blogger has some good points to it as well. And as a draft site, you can’t go wrong. I know that I can’t change the fonts with Word even if I cut and paste they come out same old WordPress, but this was a great discovery!


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