Sunday Whirl – June 29, 2014


by Brenda Warren

Scrabble Championship

Faith like a mustard seed
Or perhaps a piece of grain
Filled the player in his phase
Of eager learning skills …

But, then his approach went stale …
He’d become really far too blasè,
A little arrogant perhaps let’s say,
Attached he was, to his awesome skill.

Useless was it to tell him,
That the key to his future success,
Was not just playing up to scratch,
He needed to reach a higher level.

With a glint of fury in his eye
His haunty complacency soon fled,
He lost his title of world champion …
She thrashed him with a single word!




20 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl – June 29, 2014

      • Some days I love them, and some days I feel like my brain is struggling to weave the words into anything usable at all. o.O Oh well! You however- you’re always so good at these. You and Dom both. 🙂


        • Dom is one fine poet, and I don’t get to read his work as much as I’d like … so I think I’ll go search him out today! As for wordles, they usually seem to write themselves. The words just click and fall together, can’t imagine why, it’s just like that. I thought it must be like that for everyone, it’s almost like cheating. 🙂


  1. I think she must have made “Complacency” out of his “Place” and ended on a triple netting her about 80 on the last go. I really must get the Scrabble board out again! Great post.


    • Thanks Oldegg! Scrabble is my number one favorite board game, I play it in Italian and English … playing it in Italian gives me particular satisfaction when my family is willing to play with me (I usually win at both).


    • Love the game … being a reader big time sinnce as far back as I remember (incliding the dictionary believe it or not) I’ve got a large vocabulary and of course the extra languages helped as well 😉


        • Wel … I usually pass 24/7 speaking Italian, but having taught English for all these years has kept my English fairly good … if sometimes archaic. I found I didn’t know a lot of jargon that was everyday use when I got back to the States in 2010.


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