Wordle for Yves – July 1, 2014

wordle151Book, oil, promethean, induce, nimbus, divan, posture, Afghan, chatoyant, crisp, serene, slather

The Gobble Garden

Genoese gourmet giant, Greasy Grimily, looked through his cook book for an interesting recipe to prepare promethean type sea food.

He’d been induced to leave his divan, where he usually passed his afternoons serenely wrapped up in a crocheted afghan his mother had made him, because Grimace Grace, great Grouse Grindstone’s granddaughter had decided to eat at his restaurant, The Gobble Garden.

He walked into his kitchen and took the great promethean flounder from his refrigerator, placing it onto the counter. He slathered the thing with oil until it gleamed with chatoyant rainbow colors, than began frying it, until it was crispy brown. He garnished his masterpiece with red geraniums.

When Grimace Grace entered his restaurant, he realized that she was grossly gravid. Everyone knows that gravid giantesses have odd tastes in food and so a nimbus gathered over him, and he fell into a stormy mood.

With virile posture, Greasy Grimily bowed, giving a gracious giant talk greeting to the gravid giantess:

“Girly giantess, Grimace Grace, gravely gravid,
Genial gutter-snipe gourmand:
Generous gargle-blasting garden grunts
Gather gleaming …
Gum-tree grappling geraniums!

Which meant in our language:

“Lovely pregnant lady, Grimace Grace, renowned for your wide taste in food. My gardeners have just today gathered a special species of geraniums. Would you like to try them?”

Alas, Grimace Grace was in no mood to try fancy gourmet fair. She ordered a simple dish of animal giblets in gravel gravy.

Grumbling as he returned to his kitchen about the fickleness of pregnant giantesses, he gathered the ingredients together, preparing her the dish she’d ordered. At least it was lovely in its shiny oily chatoyant gravy glistening with crystal pebbles. She ate and she raved ecstatically saying she’d never eaten such a superb delicacy.

Greasy Grimily’s reputation reached the stars since great Grouse Grindstone was very pleased. The great giant often stated that it was thanks to Greasy Grimily’s fine kitchen that his granddaughter had given him a strapping healthy great-grandson. In fact she went into labor right there in his restaurant!

* Gradisci? = Italian for “Would you like to try it?”
Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle.

See: Poetry Prompt #16 Alphabet – We Drink Because We’re Poets – for the poem behind the story!


11 thoughts on “Wordle for Yves – July 1, 2014

    • Thanks Yves … I was late getting it in, I’m having internet blackout problems so can’t always connect! Loved your wordle inspiring as always!


      • Yes, I understand now that I am reading more…updating on my reading…my I have been a recluse. But cara, had you on my mind taking so many photos in Montreal yesterday…some are posted on the other blog.


        • Since Sunday I’ve not had a chance to catch up myself … it’s not always so easy and I sometimes feel so frustrated, esp when someone gets ticked because I don’t get around to visiting.


          • I have stopped feeling bad about that…I have only about 4 or 5 regular ones…okay maybe 2 or 3…haha that I want to keep up to date but that is it. I started a blog to write and guilt does not work with me cos I raised 2 kids and partly my grandson and have a mom still…so no thank you for the guilt…if you are not blood related…don’t guilt me!


          • You’re right about that … I think that emotional blackmail is the pits but I find I’m susceptable to it just the same. Got to work on that!


          • You do that…you are an amazing cookie and support so many people here. I don’t do 1/10 what you do…really! so pat yourself on the back, stick out your chest, shoulders back and hold your head up high (grins)


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