Dawn Thoughts – July 4, 2014


flashing explosions
rockets red glare through the night
Fourth of July!


The morning begins bright
until noon


renga fun
japanese poetry
comes to life
as we play
Ha, Jan and Oliana
like ancient poets

(Renga me, I’ll Renga you!)

15 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – July 4, 2014

      • I figured but since you are from the US, I thought I’d wish it anyways. I will be staying at my cousin’s onJuly 14th in Toronto…so we can celebrate la fête de la Bastille!!


        • Funny you should say that, maybe you didn’t notice this morning, but I’d posted the title with July 14, 2014 on it … then edited when I saw the mistake.


          • Ha weird eh? I love stories about the French Revolution. I read this book (translated in English) several times called Desirée and her life, Napoleon and his life with Josephine up to his writing les lois de Napoléon which we in Quebec, of course,followed. I even had my fav dog named Desirée, my poodle, Josephine and a rescue Napoléon. haha


    • I can believe it … you’ve been having some crazy weather. When I was home last time I’d made it so I would be there for the 4th of July festivities and the fireworks … it was 2010. That year it was so hot and dry that in Southern Illinois the fireworks were cancelled and it was too hot to picnic. A real disaster. Hope you were able to enjoy the day! And the fireworks!


      • Finally back from the fireworks – they were amazing – we visited the Park and saw them “up close and personal”. But now …. the ongoing “personal fireworks” keep going on and on and !

        And it *was* pretty chilly!!!! 😉


        • It really sounds lovely evening! Did you catch a few in your camera? And maybe your muse got a glimmer too? Weird weather we’re having this year, but then, seems like I say that every year! Hope you didn’t get too chilled! 🙂


          • Got a few good images – well, got a few “okay” images! My camera doesn’t want to focus, so it’s all “luck” as to what I catch and what I don’t catch.

            Which reminds me — I owe you a few photos 🙂


          • LOL! You owe me nothing dear heart, but I’m always happy to receive them! Which reminds me did you see my last ditch idea to collect photos for the Friday FF prompt? Iìm trying to see if my Pixelventurers would like to have one of their photos as the friday prompt — seems people like the idea of voting (Democratic spirit or something else?)


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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