Taciturn Vampire – July 7, 2014

The Mindlovesmisery Menagerie’s wordle contains 12 words, those words are:

1. Scofflaw 2. Resin 3. Exclusion 4. Ravishing 5. Voice 6. Artifice 7. Pure 8. Frisson 9. Circuitous 10. Drawn 11. Castigate 12. Taciturn

wordle161Taciturn Vampire

Instead of ravishing blonds
creating a frisson of pure terror
the taciturn vampire
used the circuitous artifice
of robbing the local blood bank …

Drawn from volunteers,
not for that scofflaw’s drink,
investigators were called …
to discover and sorely castigate
the lawless absconder.

(Some bright ambitious young man,
who’d been to Transylvania,
rose his hand to suggest,
that a sack full of resin
might bring them success.)

Our taciturn bounder
made off with his plunder
got it back to his coffin
before dawn’s early light,
the treacherous resinous sack
carefully hidden therein.

He’d drank a few pints,
he felt really quite heady …
he sang him some beer songs
at the top of his voice
’til the last sack that he drunk!

The resinous sack, ’twas his undoing
he swilled it then, he fell in a swoon,
wooden stakes are quite deadly
how much more so pure sticky resin
he never stole from the blood bank again.

11 thoughts on “Taciturn Vampire – July 7, 2014

  1. This is brilliant! And in the end … I feel sort of sorry that he won’t be pilfering from the blood bank anymore. The thought of a vampire belting out beer songs made me really like the poor ol’ guy. 🙂



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