The Case of the Silent Bell – June 6, 2014

For Sunday Photo Fiction – Every week on a Sunday, a new photo is used as a prompt for Flash Fiction challenge using around 200 words based on that image.


The Case of the Silent Bell

My name is Payne, Crystal Payne. I’m a private investigator.

It was 9:45 on a Sunday morning as I stood looking at a bell tower. It was similar to many other towers I’d seen over the years. However, my black cat Caesar with his puffed up swishing tail told me there must be something special about it.

The client had called at 8:32. Seems that the bell wouldn’t ring any more.

“You’ve got to come at once!” said the priest. The story of my life, everything had to be done at once!

I walked into the church with my camomile candle lit. There near the belfry stairs stood the ghost; a rather sorrowful lookingTrappist monk.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“They’ve blocked the bell.” He said. “But I’ve fixed them!  I’ve blocked their tape recorder!”

I immediately understood the problem so I went to talk to the parish priest.

“But it’s a bother having to ring that bell all day long!  I’m getting old you know!” he said after I told him why the “bell” wouldn’t ring.

The solution was easy. From 10:42 onwards the Trappist monk happily rang the bell.


19 thoughts on “The Case of the Silent Bell – June 6, 2014

  1. I did post a comment on this story…
    This is the message I get when I use the link from Basho 2
    ‘This site uses cookies to help deliver services. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies.’ which lead to Bastet’s waka library???

    (PS I liked this story too) ~Jules)


    • Hmmm … I don’t know what all that’s about. Blogger and WordPress should have nothing in common. Maybe the proble is that Basho 2 is on my Blogger post … this one is WP … when I comment I usually use the WP address, even on bloggers blog, cause I get notifications when there are replis which I don’t get with blogger. But I don’t get the cookies and why if you’re writing on WP, it sent you to Blogger. Guess I messed something up somewhere!


      • It would be nice if the two played well.
        I had a similar issue with a different blog from Kristjaan – he must have used his private link instead of his public one. Sometimes I get notices of replies from blogger – but maybe that is the person making an additional e-mail effort? I did get to read it though.

        I always forget exactly how it is as most often I have WP and B open at the same time and the site I visit, WP or B just takes my correct site for the post. I hope that make sense. Though if I don’t have ‘B’ open and I am only open in WP I can have issues leaving comments on ‘B’.

        I have to remember when I am in WP to leave the correct http as I have several wp sites and sometimes have to change it. And other times the post I am visiting doesn’t let me change out of my main wp site. I just toss up my hands and move on.

        Maybe it also has to do with if you have a paid site? All of mine are still ‘free’. Though now WP has adds that my visitors see at the end of my posts.

        I sometimes have issues with ‘B’ too, messages that pop up that say there was a problem in posting, but then I go and look and ‘it’ posted. Could just be ‘B’. I also had some issues the other day with my Google docs – all the same company. So maybe it is just ‘Them’.


      • Just ran it through spell check…and the only word to show up was coveted, which is a word and I don’t want it to be covered. The rest might be well ‘flavor’?
        Like: hum, on line Dictionary has- unburied but not unbury – but it sounds like a word and uneducated gravedigger would use…, same with reburied which should be rebury – but if I used rebury I’d have to change the whole sentence. Wasn’t could be weren’t but …flavor to me it fits. I’ll add the d in produce’d’. OK I see unblossomed so why isn’t there a blossomed – I’ll leave that to ‘flavor’ too. Passel is in the dictionary as an alteration of parcel.

        Thanks again.


        • I meant real typos not spelling errors or words used incorrectly … like in the first line – he’d gotten to old to
          actually dig (it should be too)

          they stayed as there wasn’t real treatments or cures (should have been they’d stayed)

          He’d only seen a few of live ones make it out (would be better without of or you should add the)

          Sorry I should have been more specific. You choice of words works great … doesn’t matter if they aren’t kosher because they add to the voice of the piece very nicely.


          • Ah – I see. Makes sense. – I did catch that one ‘d’ I’d missed. Sometimes we can’t see what’ is right in front of our own eyes. The ‘They’d’ to me is debatable. But I can see how it would make it easier to read even if it wasn’t spoken that way. The line if in complete character could be ‘…they stayed as there weren’t no real treatments for what ailed ’em…’ and then the other line with in the first paragraph could be, …”He weren’t afraid of no ghosts and just plain liked the quite of graveyards…. but I’ll leave well enough alone.

            I think that added ‘of’ was a mix of thought. I took it out. And ‘fixed the other two. Thanks, again.


          • Glad to help, I’m always having that sort of problem and thought I’d send a nudge. Some people get a little irritated though and I usually avoid iit, but the story’s good. Would be cool if you did write it all in slang/jargon/dialect … drive the editor mad! (And some grammar nazis I know) 😉


          • Maybe I’ll have a ‘look-see’ and just make me a second version. Though I’m not fluent in slang/jargon/dialect, just what ’bout sounds right to my own ear. Ah, yes I do kind of like to drive some folks down right crazy. Just an added benefit of being creative. 😉


          • Does sound fun doesn’t it >:-) (BTW When I answer your comments on my Blogger blog, do they reach you. And when you reply on Blogger, do you use the google account address or the wordpress address? Haven’t figured that out yet. Thanks.


  2. Ahhh, so that’s where the saying, “Clear as Crystal” came from 🙂 Smart girl that Crystal, sorted out both the living and the dead. An excellent take on the prompt.


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