Just a Note – July 8, 2014

Hello World!


I’m here to give you a little update on what I’m doing these days.

First of all, I’ve been doing a little work on my computer.  I cloned my tiny old hard-disk onto a monster disk of one terabyte!  Then I put in a new antivirus which also works inside Firefox.  Last weekend, my mail account was infiltrated.  Some strange message went out and if it hadn’t been for a couple of obsolete addresses, it might have kept on doing it for a while.  Fortunately I caught the thing a few minutes after it sent it’s message.  So I cleaned out my trash-bin, changed my password and opened a new account which I’ve begun using.

I’ve also opened up a private blog that I had opened last year called: Bastet’s Silver Polishing and the purpose of it is to slowly edit my old poetry and short stories into a readable form, possibly in view of publishing…yeah I’m a slow poke.

I’ve also re-opened and refurbished my old Blogger blog and I’ve named it Bastet’s Waka Library here I will be transferring the stuff I’ve written in the last year in regards to Japanese Poetry and where I’ll be writing my future Waka (Japanese Poetry).

I’m going to try to publish at least daily on Through the Eye of Bastet and here I’m going to be doing my short stories, flash fiction and general prose.

I’ll also do a round-up of what I’ve posted and where in the morning.

I’ve got some other things I’m planning to change … but that’s a future post!

Ciao, Bastet!


6 thoughts on “Just a Note – July 8, 2014

    • Ah … no, organized no. Actually my friend Oliana is far better organized than I. I’m only trying to organize myself as I’m beginning to flounder and risk the terrible “burn-out” which can hit a bloger without even realizing what’s happening.


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