Sunroot Flowers (Haiku) June 8, 2014

I love flowers … and never know their names. Living in Italy I might know them by a local name, but more often than not, I’ve just never thought to go around asking what they’re called. But these flowers, which I like very much, I can name!  They’re topinambur (to some, Jerusalem artichokes) or sunroot flowers!

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sunroot flowers
delicate in early spring
giants in autumn

dark-eyed beauties
huddled in a patch of green
bees blush happily

Written for Traces Prompt # 9 – A flower is to me

11 thoughts on “Sunroot Flowers (Haiku) June 8, 2014

    • We find them all over the place here and there are the more cultivated ones that people plant and then eat the roots come autumn. The wild ones have scrawing roots though and they look rather gangly. Glad you liked the post!


      • Oh I did! Very much. And I believe you have cultivated dandelions too for salads but they are much nicer than ours. A friend from Italy, when she moved down here, she would collect them for salads and the village was in shock…haha…but that was in the 60’s…we have evolved a bit more now.


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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