Renga me, I’ll Renga you … July 8, 2014

Courtesan Painting a Scrren

Courtesan Painting a Screen

Some of you may remember that last week I put up a post entitled Renga me, I’ll Renga you … inviting anyone who wanted to play renga by adding their response (7-7 two lines) and then a new haiku to continue the game.  Here’s how it went:

I started the game with this:

cool summer evening
stars twinkling like lightning-bugs
a flash of lightning


a tree shudders in the dark
suddenly ablaze in light
mid-day clouds
not a single leaf moves
it is break time


lunch awaits the travellers
under the farmer’s arbor

hot summer sun-shine
birds hide on cool leafy boughs
slumbering children

Blog it or Lose it!

heat waves rise from the earth /
and the farmer’s fields shimmer /

one droning fly /
lands on half-cut apple – /
utter silence //

bullfrog calmly eyes his prey/
flicks his tongue, savours his lunch

sun peaks through
sunflowers stretch their necks


golden subservient maids
bowing to the summer king

bees humming frogs croak
the chicada’s song buzzes
heat waves in the air

Traces of the soul

children’s echoes from the lake
swooshing of the paddle boat

sun dips lower
haze is lifting
sparrow chirps.


evening patio dinner
crickets play a concert

playing renga games
friends laugh creating haiku
stars and fireflies

Traces of the soul

sitting `round the bonfire
children toasting marshmallows

winding down renga
telling scary ghost stories
youngsters shudder


night quietly ends our day
summer memories remain

Have a nice evening … and why not play a little renga round the fireside whilst roasting your marshmallows 😉

sitting round the fire
making marshmallows somemores
someone start the game



2 thoughts on “Renga me, I’ll Renga you … July 8, 2014

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