Dawn Thoughts – July 11, 2014


Morning Reflections – Haibun

Funny, now that spring’s past, dawn’s silence is almost deafening.  I went out onto my terrace to look at the first rays of sun seep over the mountains behind my house.  To think, if it weren’t for the mountains dawn would have been here at 5:00, I mean the sun, not just the reverberations of its light.

A blackbird sat on the roof-tiles.  He looked at me as I intruded on his morning meditations then flitted off.  I don’t think he was offended though.  Down in the courtyard below, for a few minutes the swallows chattered in their nests.  Must have been the kids asking for breakfast!  The usual cock crowed – but he’ll crow whether there light or no.

In the winter, by this time, it’s now 7:00 (the bells in the center of our village have just done their duty of pealing for about 5 full minutes) there is usually traffic out in the streets … taking kids to school mostly.  Now that schools are closed, I no longer hear the cars or moped.

One good piece of news!  It isn’t raining!  Maybe we’ll have a full day of sun-shine and more importantly, maybe the temperatures will rise, it’s felt like fall here the past few days.

summer silence
dawn greeting Bolognano
the clock’s ticking

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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