Apocalypse at Tea Time – July 13, 2014

Photo Credit: Cybele Moon

Photo Credit: Cybele Moon



 Apocalypse at Tea Time

It’d been a lovely afternoon.  We’d trekked through the fields and were happy to see the town just ahead in the gloaming Irish sky.

We reached our inn at 4:30 and still had time to take a warm shower to take some of the winter chill out of our bones in plenty of time for tea.

Melanie told me to go ahead, that she wanted to repack her backpack.  I’d just finished and was drying my hair when I heard her say:

“Oh damn!  I’ve bought a batch of old biscuits!  The expiration date says June 20th – today’s the 28th! Now I’ll have to pitch them and there’s no market to replace them!”

“Mel, you are so silly about expiration dates!  I mean, if it were something perishable, ok, but they’re biscuits for heaven’s sake! Do you think they’ve become instantly poisonous or something?”

She looked at me and scratched her head and smiled. “Yes you’re quite right! Let’s go have some tea!” and put the biscuits back into her back pack.

Meanwhile at the Akashic library, Anubis was sitting next to Pluto going through the archives.

“Oh now just look at this!  This place has been misfiled!  It should have been pitched already … the expiration date says January 1, 2000 and it’s 2014 now!” said Pluto with a wail.

“Oh really Plu, you do so exaggerate!  It’ll still be good for another couple of millenia.  Ao much fuss about an expiration date, what do you think the whole place is going to instantly go bad?”

Pluto looked at Anubis, scratched his head and smiled, “Yes of course you’re right … let’s go have some tea.” He put the card back into the file cabinet under the letter “E”.


The Apocalypse is not one of my oft used ideas … in fact I rarely think of nuclear holocaust or the advent of the end of times … well except in the sense that I think we’re doing a fabulous job of destroying our possible future through our thoughtless energy policies, over population, idiotic political solutions (read war) to issues and a generalized tendency to think only about number one in a get all you can get and to hell about the underdog sort of way.

As I said, I rarely think about the Apocalypse … But Dune Mouse (Cybele Moon) made this comment on one of my stories:

Love the ending of your wonderful tale!! as for myself  “I always fear that creation will expire before tea-time” (Quote by Sydney Smith)


This is the story she inspired through her comment and her photo!


9 thoughts on “Apocalypse at Tea Time – July 13, 2014

  1. LOL! Love it!!!!! Very clever!!!Of course it could be that all has expired already and we are just the few crumbs left waiting to be swept up and dumped into the swirling black hole ( the cosmic garberator)!! ( I also wrote an apocalypse called the Cosmic Sneeze!!) Great minds and all! Thank you so much for this lovely tale and your link!


    • Thank you for the inspiration! I’d not heard that quote before and it struck my muse as totally worth trying to write about, then I saw your fab photos and I was hooked. I so glad you liked it and must find your Cosmic Sneeze (which is of course how the Universe began n’est pas?) … Lovely idea.


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