Moonshine! – Wordleing – July 13, 2014


manufactured, honors, cheeky, side, millions, eclipse, hide, lackluster, shot, room, piece, throat

The cheeky lackluster shoemaker,
Manufactured millions of sleazy shoes,
For those who sought the dubious honors
Of being on the evening news ..

The President cleared his throat,
Before he made his speech,
He’d written and rewritten the piece
‘Til he could recite back to front ..

The shoemaker puffed up his chest,
When he saw the president:
“He’s worn my brand of shoes!”
He whispered to the bar-room guests…

But the news was soon eclipsed,
By the shot that shook the world ..
Little Tomasito Ghandi-Bloom
Sent a mini rocket, to the dark side of the moon!

“Now hide your heads in shame!”
Said a man without a name,
“‘Cause of what a mixed-blood kid could do,
Spending just over seventy-seven sou!”



16 thoughts on “Moonshine! – Wordleing – July 13, 2014

  1. I love the weirdness of this piece. I shouldn’t be surprised though at the absurdity of our world. I read today that beer brewed in Australia can be bought cheaper in Europe than here!


    • Now I didn’t know that Austrailian beer could be bought in Europe. But, well, I live in Italy … I have seen some Australian wine at a German Intereuropean supermarket called the LIDL … and that was cheaper than some Italian wine. Yep … the world is crazy, I have to admit it. Glad you liked the piece … hope to get by asap to read yours … I’m backing up my posts.


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