Dawn Thoughts – July 14, 2014

The Here and Now

I’ve been working a lot on my computer and trying to organize my blogs.  Putting up the “new” Blogger blog “Bastet’s Waka Library” has been a challenge at times.  Everything is more or less done for you on WordPress – but blogger has some distinct advantages, like the possibility of using different fonts, which are not to be sneered at.  I’ve got two Goggle +  accounts though and my Waka Library is irrevocably tied to one I’ve rarely used.  All my “followers” are on an account created at a later date, plus, I’ve discovered I have a Blogger account there too!  What a mess!

Another thing I’m trying to do is back up all my WordPress writing.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon copying and pasting the first 4 months onto Word, then creating PDF to read them on my e-reader.  There’s a lot of trash and sometimes I felt embarrassed about some of the stuff I’d written … I’m probably going to make them private in the near future.

April 2013, was when I encountered “We Drink Because We’re Poets” and became interested in a big way in poetry.  The enthusiasm of those posts are something to be seen.  I read like an adolescent who’s fallen in love!  The stuff I wrote was mostly slush of course, but maybe with a little editing I can pull out some good poetry.  The point then was the writing for the writing and pure fun.  It was a magic moment and like no other time.   I felt a vitality and sense of community which I’d never felt before or since.

Alas those days are gone, never to be repeated but I’m happy I lived them.  It was at this point that I wrote my last tanka of the day … remembering the Zen teaching of enjoying the here and now, which helps me live and enjoy each moment to it’s fullest, without regrets and without pretentious ambition.

yesterday never returns
tomorrow never comes
enjoy this sunset
its eternal here and now

church in rain


summer dreams
inviting warm reflection
drops of rain


grey mantle flung
upon the mountains and fields
endless tear drops fall
for a summer shortly lived
green forests in mist

4 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – July 14, 2014

  1. Your first poem reminds me of the Moody Blues — “You’re here today, no future fears, this day will last a thousand years – if you want it to.” (From Days of Future Passed)

    Congratulations on getting your word backed up into PDF. It’s something I should really do, too. Either that, or an old-fashioned paper copy! 🙂

    The tanka is gorgeous — exquisite – magnificent — really, it IS! The tear drops for the summer shortly lived, the gray mantle, the mist and green forests — wow!


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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