Another road – Free Verse – July 14, 2014

dividing house

is my journey
every choice
every byway
leads me forward.

It is an illusion
to thinkmy choices
were really important,
for each path chosen
another choice awaits.

I chose to fly
and visit the world
know strange lands
learn new customs:

It lead me to joy
to war
to destruction
to wonder
to love
and to peace.

What would have been my adventure?
If I’d chosen the path
obvious for me?

Now I ask
would I have been happier
or maybe lost?

It would have been
just another road,
the scenery different
full of malls
shopping centers
residential zones

organized chaos!

Another kind of war
another kind of joy.

The illusion is always
my choices might have been better
I’d chosen the other road.

(Reflecting on Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken)

8 thoughts on “Another road – Free Verse – July 14, 2014

    • Or forward either … 😉 I really love that poem by Frost and must try to do a proper tribute for it one day. Thanks for dropping by dear, I’ve been up to my ears in cleaning out my computer these past few days and haven’t been keeping up on my reading. Hope you’re doing well Justine.


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