Dawn Thoughts – July 16, 2014

2:30 Storm


four thirty rising
the house shook with thunder
closed out the rain
then, wrote a pixelventure
whilst the gnats feasted on me


old lady passing
each morning as always
cat meows greetings

Bright Morning – Free Verse

a beautiful sky this morning,
clear intense celestine brilliance
not a cloud to block my vision,
as though rain had never  fallen …

just an hour ago

heaven seemed to fall
shaking the house with thunder
rain poured through the windows
an awesome tempest raged

this summer’s yet begun
though July is nearly over
but our valley is so green,
the fig trees are full of fruit!

12 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – July 16, 2014

        • OMGosh … I really don’t know what to say. I refuse to watch the news … I’ve become a modern hermit … it’s a constant repeation in shades of black, locally and internationally. Though, I’m not uninformed of the issues … I just avoid the gory details which seems to be the stock in trade of the news lords. They play on emotions and the stronger the emotions the more “rags” they sell.


          • ….. and today in the doctor’s office I saw that a potential missile shot down a Malaysian jet? It’s one tale of terror after another!!!!!!

            But in good news — I have a clean bill of health — at least till next checkup — one year down the road. Hooray!!!!


          • Guess that makes a downed airplane small business —!

            So relieved to have reached that five-year milestone. But tonight I am wiped out — utterly wiped out. Probably heading to bed soon — I can barely think.


          • Yep, it sure does. I tend to relativize a little … which drives my hubby batty as he’s an idealist under certain aspects, so e’ll say something about some tragic event and I might say, humanity rarely changes just think there were 16 million deaths and 25 million wounded during WWI.

            I can imagine you are wiped out … a day of anxiety will do it every time … nows the time for you to rest! Sleep tight.


          • Got a good night’s sleep and since today’s hubby’s birthday we’re off to the drive-in. With my new camera phone! I’m hoping to get some good photos — huzzah!!!!

            As to being a relativist — not always a bad thing. We have to keep the larger view in mind. 🙂


          • Nope. They said “ignore all the driver update requests” and “don’t open the dialogues”! Which is what I plan to do. So, for now, I hope for the best.

            See ya!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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