Oberon’s Dragonfly War – July 18, 2014 – Fun Poem

‘Twas the summer of 98
When they invaded his magic gate
Tiger mosquitos big as jets
Sucking the fairies to their death!

Brave king Oberon took up the challenge
He called out the Dragonfly brigade …
He launched the bloody war at once,
That’s now part of our history!

“Come to my aide my brave beasts,
I call upon your mighty wings …
Save my kingdom from these pests
Or my reign will soon be lost!”

The captain of the Dragonflies
Took off without a pause or hesitation …
And in the true spirit of a kamikaze
He took the battle to the evening skies.

They fought by day and they fought by night,
For the Tigers knew no rest!
Then calling their allies the Bats and Birds,
Who harried them even in their nests.

The battles raged and the fairies raved
At the prowess of the noble beasts …
The Tiger vampires met defeat
O’er the lands of Oberon!

Inspired by Cathy Tenzo’s Haiku – 16 July

Poetry Prompt # 18 – We Drink Because We’re Poets

20 thoughts on “Oberon’s Dragonfly War – July 18, 2014 – Fun Poem

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