Tattered Steps (For My Mother)- Free Verse – July 19, 2014


Stair prompt by Tess Kincade

I walked these stairs a million times
Since I was wed to my own man.
Our children came,  then left the nest,
Then their kids too came into the world.

Clothed in bright deep crimson runners
My feet felt the soft nap and weave.
I loved their beauty and their flare,
‘Twas proud to walk upon those steps.

They were always there, a part of us.
Something we never thought about …
Years added up and took their toll,
Like us they became tattered and old.

Now, my own man, he’s gone too
Taken from me a few years ago
Now its just me and these old stairs,
And our memories of a life well spent.

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17 thoughts on “Tattered Steps (For My Mother)- Free Verse – July 19, 2014

    • I’m sorry for your loss … The poem is invention to a certain extent, but is inspired by my mother’s life except she has no stairs in her house. Thanks for dropping by and for your link.


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  2. I really liked this one… Very captivating, melancholic and touching…
    The last verse are remarkably eloquent with regard to past and solitude
    Thanks for sharing Georgia.
    Ciao amica, Aquileana 😛


    • I’m glad you liked this one, though loosely inspired by my mom’s life it could so easily be the memories of many who grow old. Cia a te, Georgia-


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