Dawn Thoughts – July 22, 2014



sunrise in Arco
no storms today
two crows caw together


my old friend you’re gone
though I’ll have your memories
it won’t be the same
hard to replace you I know
dear Bastet … wish you were here.

(Yesterday by computer’s motherboard finally stopped working – there had been many signs over the months of its ageing, from the mysterious ticking a few months ago – although all power was off since I have a power strip to exclude all energy to my computer, printer etc. – to the weird roar each time I’d turn her on in the morning. As you see I have an alternative, but many of my photos and much of my work are locked in her hard-disk … of course there’s no problem removing it … only time to do so.)

Free Verse

The world changes in a flash!
Yet I want to believe in permanence,
That chimeric eternal illusion.
I nknow, nothing’s here to last,
In our transient world …
Close friends pass beyond us –
Never more to be return,
Leaving us to wonder
If they were just a dream or reality …
Each change brings new sorrow
To my weary heart …
And though I know tomorrow
New things will begin to start,
I grieve each little passings …
My cat, computer or a friend,
Like the closing of a parenthesis
Another closing another end.
How silly, I tell myself
Think of the wisdom of Zen …
The here and now defeats
The maelstrom of sorrow’s wind.
But my here and now is sadness
There’s no tomorrows,
In my here and now …

25 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – July 22, 2014

    • True … It’s my karma to learn how to let go I think … since that has been a constant since I was a baby. Perhaps it’s everyone’s karma in the end 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


  1. Eclectic may be on to something …. I thought my computer problems were solved but I had another BOD yesterday after installing the new camera’s software. Then my cell phone wouldn’t start this AM. Both are operational again — for now — is there a bad moon phase, or a burst of solar radiation, or evil-roving-computer-eating-spirits?

    BUT — the two crows cawing in the morning silence is a gorgeous haiku. 🙂


    • I think she’s got something there … today has been the pits. I’ll be writing or reading, go to comment and don’t have internet or firefox crashes! I’m sure it’s a bad kami and I’m going to go and have a talk with Sekhmet at the Akashic Library to see if she has any info! 😉

      I was feeling down yesterday at dawn … standing on my terrace I heard them — one would caw and the other would answer — they did this for quite a few minutes. It was odd bacause they usually caw en masse during the morning.


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