Dawn Thoughts – July 23, 2014

Yesterday I wrote that Bastet was gone … and that’s true in the sense that my mother board fried!  So, my husband pulled out a mother board from a few we have on hand … that more or less corresponded to the standards of my old one so that I could keep using XP, my ram and CPU and my older peripherals (like my HP laser printer which is old).

We put my hard disk on the mother board after transferring the CPU and ram, with the intentions of doing a clean installation of XP … that means formatting and losing all the data that was on the “C” partition of my hard disk.  He was distracted and forgot to hit the key that would have made the cd installation disk start … and so the computer booted from the hard disk … and I mean it booted in every sense of the word … Bastet had been reincarnated!

If anyone knows anything about this aspect of computing, they will tell you that 1 in 90 hard disks with XP installed will boot up on a new system.  The old Windows 98 would … it’s just open Windows and then install the new drivers of the mother board.  Not XP or any other system based on NT … which was the fore runner of Windows 2000.  Yes, I had to install the new drivers … yes there’s some cleaning up to do … but my configuration is saved and I can use the computer, just as I have done for the past 10 years.


Now … my problem … for yes there are still problems is that my server keeps going off and on … my WP editor has gone crazy and I’m having a hell of a time writing posts … and haven’t been able to use the We Drink editor at all and this one will only let me write after I’ve done down half a page and the spell checker won’t work. And there’s much more.  Oh well … such is life.

17 thoughts on “Dawn Thoughts – July 23, 2014

  1. Aargh…I feel for you! I’m getting fed up with the way that we are required to update to the latest OS software ever more frequently to ensure support for security updates – I don’t think the speed or memory of my computer will be sufficient for much longer…..


  2. I feel for you Cara. I miss you and I miss posting too. Trying to Bluetooth my phone data to my tablet but it won’t work….I’ll check it tomorrow with a techie at the mall.


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