High-Coo = Cow Poke haiku – July 27, 2014

Jules Paige is having fun … and inviting us to throw in our ideas with this fun prompt:New ku’ : High-Coo = Cow Poke Haiku.  Maybe there will be other prompts so keep in touch … this was the most recent:

High-Coo = Cow Poke haiku

No countin’ syllables, 10 paces (words more or less).
Traditional haiku styles accepted

with an example:

Lucus ain’t about backen’ down none.
When the need arises ;
He speaks real clear with that rifle gun

squint, Clint, squint!
Man With No Name tries to aim
in the mid-day glare
black-hatted villain
clomps into the boom town saloon –
piano man pales

Thanks to: ©JR of Blogitorloseit

Now for me ….


ridin’ rough all day
got me shot o’ lightnin’ waitin’
round my place

darn hen ain’t layin’
gonna have chick’n soup
tomorra night

cherry pickin’
hard work, Slim, get me some gin
need some refreshin’

©  G.s.k. ’14

17 thoughts on “High-Coo = Cow Poke haiku – July 27, 2014

        • Naw … here in Italy there are whole movements for the protection of dialects … it’s got to do with local traditions and community identification … ’tis I who am to be pitited that I never was really part of a community … sigh.


          • Well, here sometimes they’re a lot like a different language. When TV and schools tried to wipe out dialects, people decided they didn’t want to be “homogenized” and the movements started forming … for the most part though, they’re being wiped out. A slow process, but the younger generations often don’t understand dialects.


          • Kind of a shame …. you do want people to be able to communicate with one another and feel like they’re a part of the larger nation, not isolated …. but you don’t want to lose that individual identity either. But … over time … language does have a way of fading, blooming, fading, blooming ….


          • Great image .. like waves in an ocean. Still people are people and will do all they can to keep their identity … which is a good thing.


  1. Fantastic. – ‘They’ or the various New ‘ku will always be ‘open’ so you aren’t late at all.
    Hubby worked in Italy once and a gent there gave him some Grappa –
    Now that is white lightning! Poor chicken… It wasn’t easy being a cow-poke – that is fer sure!
    Come back anytime y’all.


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